Challenge Updates

11 April 2021

Anna O’Flanagan (Hockey)

Anna O’Flanagan grew up in Rathgar, Dublin. She always loved being outside playing sport and played anything and everything she possibly could. She started hockey at the age of 10 and absolutely loved it.

11 April 2021

Sarah Lavin (Athletics)

Sarah Lavin was born in Limerick in 1994.  She was always a lover of sports and tried lots of different ones throughout her youth. She started athletics at the age of 7 and loved the feeling of running fast and racing against others in Emerald A.C. and in school.

11 April 2021

Oliver Dingley (Diving)

Oliver Dingley was a bit of a wild child growing up. He use to launch himself of anything and everything. Having struggled at school, he came across diving and took up the sport. Not only was diving a hobby, it also became an outlet where he could thrive.